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Case study guidelines

Prospects will associate the professionalism of case studies with our task communication skills. If our case studies are well-written, prospects will take our project communication will be great too.

Communication is often the prospects’ main problem when outsourcing, so case studies are a great option for us to convert hesitant high-value leads. Prioritize case studies for projects that: have a good logo/interface website/design, are complex, where we can get a testimonial, and have many co-workers working on it so that we can use it in many developer profiles. The design is important and provides the first impression.

Our product agreements state that we can show a client’s project information including screenshots to other coming clients. However, we should ask if it’s ok before we publish any non-anonymous task details publicly.

Cash studies

The time cycle of content about projects

A project kick-off blog post can be posted as soon after a new customer agreement is signed as possible. You could contain a casual picture of the team behind the project or something like this. With PHP or Laravel t-shirts if possible.

Add a few bars about a new technology that we have decided to use and why. What challenges do you foresee? What features will you work on? Who is the client and why do they launch their task? The time cycle of range about a project would be:

  • Client signs agreement: prepare a kick-off blog post
  • After 1 month of development: add AA to DPs
  • After 3 to 6 months: publish an anonymous case study. Preferably around the same time that the project is launched, but can be done early too
  • As soon as likely: add testimonial and transition to a public case study (not anonymous)

The Abstract

The case study intro is called the notional and should take up four lines on our LPs and front pages. Developer shapes (DPs), it will take up around five lines. Aim for about 280 – 350 characters (Gdoc->Tools->Word count).

Most candidates will just read the abstract. So make sure that the abstract explains the task well using concise sentences. A candidate who browses through our portfolio won’t read more than 350 characters anyway. The abstract is automatically copied to the top of the full performance case study.

Anonymized abstracts

Schedule an anonymized abstract (AA) early on. An AA can be added to DPs extended before the task is successfully launched. Developer profiles are frequently sent to candidates and we win better projects if we can demonstrate what difficult projects our developers have worked on, and are working on, even if they are anonymous.

Ask the website group to use this staff panel report (limited permissions) to see whose DP we need to set the AA to. The client’s logo can be blurred.

The case study title

The title you add for the case study in the EMS will be shown in the H1 headline tag well as the URL. Both of these are high-value elements in terms of SEO. Think hard about an optimal title.

Typically capitalize the first note only for consistency across our website. Limit the case study title to around 70 characters including areas (top two lines in the full case study).

This fits well with the max title length Google displays in search results as well. Omit the client’s company and project name well as standard phrases like “we used PHP and MySQL”. The aim is to draw long-tail search traffic, and the client’s brand is not an important keyword.

Example for FunCruises: Custom CRM and booking plan for an event planner and travel agency

Anonymized case studies and first drafts

Publish an anonymized case study (ACS) on our general portfolio early on. If you can flesh out your AA with another two sections, you have a first ACS. Add it through the EMS but list it quite far down as it will likely be of lower quality than our top tasks.

The first draft can be fleshed out over the period. Aptum existed (historic screenshot) an example of a short, concise, and exact text. Z*** too.
Before posting the case, let our content writers scrutinize your text. Once published, email PD, content authors, and David. Update the same group whenever you make important changes.

Case study outline

Being a senior, you don’t have perfect the case study yourself. In periods of avoiding costly under-delegation, it creates a sense that content writers perfect the language and generate keywords.

Write a rough system and let your colleagues take it up from there. To get you formed, answer these questions

If the client doesn’t have a website that explains this, then explain what the client’s company is. Who are their clients, how do they make money, what industries are their customers in, and what employees/roles do the client and their customers generally have? The case must give the reader a high-level view and not just list features. This counts context for prospective clients.

What are the core components?

How do the components provide value? What are the benefits from the client users’ and customers’ perspectives?

What technologies (APIs, libraries, third-party solutions, etc) were used for what?

What have you realized?

What are the challenges?

What features have you told/do you plan to implement ahead?

How could similar clients profit from similar custom systems?

How many hours have lived spent? We can hint at inexact hours/costs while qualifying leads.

As a content author, you can push forward project content. Ask a project team member for a rough outline, ask them to share the LMS line, work plan, and specification, and spend an hour browsing through that material as well as the client’s website.

Thereafter again ask detailed questions and probe staff who have been involved in the project.

Perfecting your case study

Apply audience brief paragraph and funnel: Content should be easy to learn for anyone. Save very specialized data for the end of the case, like in the @spire case. A non-technical person should be capable to understand the first areas.

Focus on the trade aspects and the benefits first. Specialized customers can delve deeper if they wish, by reading the lower sections. As the quality of your case study enhances, we can carry it higher in the listing.

Asking consumers for an ideal public case study

We can suggest an anonymized case study (ACS) publicly without requesting permission. At a reasonable time, normally after launch, inform the client of the ACS and ask if we can offer a complete case study publicly. An ideal public case study would include a business and project name, a non-blurred logo, a testimonial, a profile photo, and screenshots/demos. If they are reluctant we can ask if we can post it if we hide some of the content for example

  • Show testimonial, shape picture but without screenshots/demo
  • Show testimonial without shape pic and screenshots/demo
  • Show the task name publicly, but show testimonial/profile pic/screenshots/demo to select prospective clients

The short testimonial size should be four lines in the portfolio listing (about 280-350 characters).

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